India expects to jump from 1.252 billion to 1.55 billion within 34 years. It adds 16 million, net gain, annually. Today, Indians flood into America with chain-migration and added birth rates. Indians do not believe in birth control. Their human misery index explodes off the charts. Let’s take a look at what ramifications we face from immigration from India. In 1960, India reached 500,000,000 (million) people. Today, driven by multiple ancient religions that prohibit birth control, India suffers every kind of social and environmental consequence known to humanity with its 1.252 billion people. Even more catastrophic, it adds 16 million more people, net gain, annually. India’s major river, the Ganges, which I once rafted, flows into the ocean with the most polluted, toxic and contaminated waters known to humankind. It features trillions of gallons of untreated sewage, industrial waste, hundreds of chemicals and millions of pieces of plastics—that flow into the ocean 24/7. That watery, chemicalized conveyor belt creates a 20,000 square mile dead zone at the mouth of the Ganges. Once it hits the Indian Ocean, those contaminated waters spread all over the planet—poisoning marine life, avian life, reefs, the ocean floor and cause deadly acidification throughout the planet. Of note, the USA, China and India dump the most plastics into the world’s oceans. Latest estimates show 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic float above and flow under the surface around the world—killing millions of marine creatures annually. As per investigations by marine biologist Julia Whitty, 46,000 pieces of plastic trash float on every square mile of Earth’s oceans. In a word: sickening! Why? Because we’ve known this for 20 years, but no action to stop it by creating incentive-driven deposit-return laws internationally. Within India, hundreds of millions of people lack a toilet. Therefore, they defecate-urinate on the land daily. In fact, the Indian Express said, “Best experts tell us that 60.4 percent of Indians lack a toilet.” As you can imagine, the stench in the cities, the filth in the streets and the total contamination of soils and rivers by that many people injecting their waste upon the lands and waters 24/7—cannot be comprehended. Continue reading

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