Hannity interviews Marc Morano about new movie “Climate Hustle” – Video

The segment opens with Donald Trump ridiculing Obama: “When the world is in turmoil and falling apart in so many different ways, our president is worried about global warming. What a ridiculous situation.” Morano: “It was like an apocalyptic doom preacher trying to scare people with no basis in science. The idea that ISIS was created by man-made global warming because there was a drought in Syria is not based on science.In 1933, the government of Syria banned Yo-Yos because they thought they caused drought.And now modern day climate activists want to ban SUVs and coal plants because they think they cause droughts.By the way, droughts, extreme weather, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes — we detail this in Climate Hustle — not only are they not increasing, on many metrics they are declining. So when CO2 was lower in the atmosphere, we had MORE storminess. So the idea that cutting CO2 is going to improve our climate and have anything to do with national security — is laughable.”

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