NY Attorney Generals' Supplement Tests And Accusations Are Wrong!

 Lock the attorney general up and throw away the key -- because the way I see it he's been caught committing FRAUD!

 Last month, New York AG Eric Schneiderman attacked GNC, Target, Walgreens and Walmart, ordering a recall of herbal remedies after his "tests" found they didn't contain any of the active ingredients.

 But that headline-seeking hack is the one who needs to be recalled -- because INDEPENDENT TESTS ordered by GNC now prove two things.

 Their supplements contained exactly what they were supposed to -- and this entire charade was about politics, not health.

 GNC asked Eurofins -- a major testing outfit used by governments and industry in 36 countries around the world -- to test the same products Schneiderman criticized to get his smiling mug on television. Then, for good measure, GNC had those results reviewed by another third-party compliance specialist.

 These supplements have now been tested FOUR TIMES, and the science shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that what's on the label IS what's in the jar.

 This is exactly what I predicted, because as I explained last month, Schneiderman chose a test that he knew (or should have known) was deeply flawed.

 He used a type of DNA test that's so unreliable for herbal extracts that the FDA doesn't use it -- and he had the tests conducted in secret by a reptile expert... yes, you read that right...who doesn't know the first thing about nutrition and botanicals.

 Had the guy known anything about botanicals, he'd know (as a Harvard University expert pointed out) that the process of creating an extract damages plant DNA, making the DNA test useless.

 And while GNC has allowed third parties to review its tests AND turned the results over to the attorney general, Schneiderman has kept his Reptile Man tests under lock and key.

 He hasn't released them to the public, and hasn't even made them available to independent scientists for peer review.

 This is the same man who said in 2012 that "secrecy breeds corruption, while transparency generates confidence."

 So with GNC's multiple test results now transparent and reviewed by independent experts, the question has to asked: Who's generating confidence... and who's breeding corruption?

 I think we all know the answer now.  Continue reading

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