Common vitamin shop mineral PROVEN to CURE colds!

 On the first day of spring, the northeast was hit with yet ANOTHER big winter storm. Folks who expected to be outside sniffing the first flowers were instead cooped up inside, sniffling with yet another winter cold.

 All the know-it-alls will tell you that the common cold is like the bad weather -- the only thing you can do is hide under the covers and wait for it to go away.

 Well, friend, I can't do anything about that weather, but I can do plenty about that cold, because despite what you've been told there IS a cure.

 And it's a common mineral you can find in any old vitamin shop.

 It's zinc, and new research proves again that it works, but only if you get the right dose.

 Take 75-80 mg per day at that first sign of the cold -- the first sniffle... the beginning of the cough... or that irritating dry patch in the back of your throat -- and your cold could be gone in no time.

 One new analysis finds this dose of zinc will cut the duration of everything that makes the cold so lousy. It'll shorten aches by 54 percent, coughs by 46 percent nasal congestion by 37 percent, runny nose by 34 percent and a sore throat by a third.

 The best form of zinc for beating the cold is the lozenge. Don't bite them, instead let them dissolve slowly in your mouth so the zinc ions can build up and attack the virus in the throat.

 The downside is that lozenges come only in low doses. The solution isn't to put a dozen of them into your mouth at once, but to take them throughout the day so the zinc is always present.

 Keep at it, and you'll ready to head back out in no time... assuming the weather cooperates.

 Bringing you in from the cold,

 William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

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