Legalization of Medical Marijuana is on top of my list at the moment for several reasons. The obvious one is for the health and welfare of people wanting, and more often, needing an alternative to the Big Pharma drugs that are killing hundreds of thousands of people every year. The other is to begin to get a movement going to get it legalized fully and get innocent people out of prisons including who have needlessly been incarcerated for victimless drug related “so called” crimes. The statistics of these kinds of injustices in our legal system is staggering and I encourage reading about it and understand the modern day slavery that is happening in communities all over the country and in our own back yard. “Who’s The Pusher Now?” expresses my concerns candid statements about the hypocrisy of our federal government Drug Wars that incarcerated people for fallacious Marijuana laws, while at the same time providing legal protection for deadly pharmaceutical drugs that kill hundreds of thousands of people every year. Check it out. Share it.

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