The vaccine that "GIVES" you multiple sclerosis

What do researchers and bankers have in common? They love burying the stuff that'll hurt you the most in page after page of print so fine you'll need an electron microscope to read it. Just like your mortgage might contain a hidden clause or two that'll hit you in the wallet, studies often cover up details that could hit you where it hurts even more -- in the health department. That's why I'm here, to dig through the latest research and tell you what devils are lurking in the details -- like this new study that claims the hepatitis B vaccine doesn't cause multiple sclerosis. That's what the headlines say, anyway. Nothing to see here... move along. But if you read past the press release (something most "reporters" don't do anymore) you'll find the study really found something else entirely -- that the shot can actually trigger the disease in patients under the age of 50. Within one month of the jab, you could find yourself fighting off the misery of multiple sclerosis, battling weakness, pain and outright misery you never even knew existed. And it was triggered by that shot. But because the link vanished after just 30 days, the researchers blew it off. These people probably already have the disease, they say, and the vaccine merely triggered it. PUH-leaze!!! If the disease has been lying low for years and the shot is what brings it out, then as far as I'm concerned the shot CAUSED it -- and if you want to argue otherwise, you're just arguing semantics. If you've been diagnosed with MS, whether it was triggered by the vaccine or not, you don't need me to tell you what you're up against. But what you might not realize is that docs often botch this diagnosis -- because many people with MS don't have the disease at all. I had the full scoop on common, often TREATABLE, conditions that can mimic MS in the June 2010 edition of my subscription newsletter, The Douglass Report. Subscribers, use the password in your current issue to login and read it for free online. Not a subscriber? It's not too late! Sign up today and you'll get all my future editions delivered right to your mailbox, plus a password of your own for access to all my back issues. Shooting down the shot, William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

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