Feds caught hiding the ugly truth about flu shots

 It's the biggest vaccine cover-up in a decade -- and it's been blown wide open by an award-winning journalist.

 Flu shots aren't only ineffective in seniors, they're downright dangerous. If you're a longtime Daily Dose reader, you've heard me say that plenty over the years.

 Decades of research PROVES that as more seniors got more flu shots, death rates didn't fall.


 Panicked feds were so terrified by this discovery a few years back that they commissioned their own study, with researchers twisting the numbers every which way to see if they could "adjust" the model to prove the shot really worked.

 But no matter how much they tortured the data, the numbers said the same thing.

 When it came time to publish the study in 2006, the feds did the one thing they're really, really good at: They buried the thing, and then tried to bury the researchers, too.

 I'm not even kidding here. Sharyl Attkisson, at the time a CBS News reporter, had interviews with those scientists all lined up -- but when the National Institutes of Health found out, they pulled the plug.

 Yes, friend, the U.S. government actively intervened to block the media and hide the truth from Americans.

 And instead of issuing a warning about the shot, the feds began pushing the vaccine harder than ever -- turning flu shots into an annual financial windfall for the drug industry (which is now funded largely with U.S. taxpayer money).

 So next time a doc tries to push that shot on you, tell him where to stick that needle -- because you know what the science shows. You know what the U.S. government KNOWS, but won't say out loud.

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 With the only shots you need,

 William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

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