Break out the bourbon and boost your memory

 Once you hit your Golden Years, people half your age start treating you like a baby -- not just giving you advice, but flat-out ordering you around as if they know better than you.

 Eat this, don't touch that, stop smoking, don't forget to take your pills -- and whatever you do, don't you dare take a sip of booze.

 Well, I'm here to tell you that all these know-it-alls don't know SQUAT, because just about all their irritating, infantilizing and downright infuriating advice not only sucks all the pleasure out of life... it's also FLAT-OUT WRONG!

 Listen to these busybodies and give up your nightly glass of Scotch, for example, and it won't be long before you're dribbling in your peas and trying to remember your name -- because a little booze is just about one of the best ways to preserve your brain cells.

 If you've been reading the Daily Dose, you've heard me say that before.

 But today, a brand-new study confirms everything I've told you and then some --proving again that a steady-but-moderate booze habit will protect and even ENHANCE your memory.

 That's right. Sloppy drunkards may "drink to forget." But if you keep it to one or two a night, you'll actually be drinking to remember. And if you don't keep lubricating your brain with liquor, it just might dry up and shrink right inside your skull.

 I know I tend to use some colorful language, but I actually mean that in a very real sense. While all our brains shrink a little with age, the new study finds that teetotaler brains shrivel like grapes left out in the sun.

 Specifically, the hippocampus shrinks -- and if you know anything about that part of the brain, you'll know it's about as important to your memory as Ozzie was to Harriet.

 This isn't just a difference that can be measured inside the skull. It's a difference that can be seen out in the real world -- because in the study of 660 seniors, the moderate drinkers trounced the teetotalers on memory tests, especially tests of episodic memory.

 That's your ability to remember what matters most -- such as where you've been and what you've done.

 So tonight, feel free to pick your poison. Scotch, bourbon, beer, wine, gin -- you name it, it's good for you. Good for your brain... good for your heart... and darned good when it goes down the gullet. I'm not done with drinking just yet. Keep reading for the latest another beverage they're telling you to avoid.

William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

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