Medical marijuana WORKS 92% of the time!

 If you want to know the truth about medical marijuana, ignore the clueless grandstanding politicians and TV talking heads and ask the people who really matter.

 Ask the patients who use it.

 No, I don't mean the potheads with the vague and phony disease concocted to get them medical marijuana cards from shady fly-by-night clinics. I mean REAL patients suffering from eye diseases, cancer, migraines, arthritis and more.

 Ask them how it works for them, and you'll get the truth -- because a new survey of these folks finds that 92 percent say medical marijuana helps.

 Yes, 92 percent.

 There's not a drug on the planet for anything that has a 92 percent success rate -- and that's way above and beyond any possible placebo effect. And if you don't want to take patients at their word, then listen to doctors: 8 in 10 now support therapeutic use of marijuana.

 So the people who prescribe are for it. The people who need it say it WORKS. It's proven to be safe, effective and non-addictive. The only mark against it is that it's a threat to the trillion-dollar painkiller industry.

 And that, more than anything else, is the REAL reason for objections to legal medical marijuana.

 You can look it up. Just about any and every politician standing in the way of this has been bought and paid for by Big Pharma.

 Personally, I'm fine with putting both drug-industry fatcats and their political stooges out of work. And if we legalize this, we can put someone else out of work, too: drug cartels.

 Safer treatments, and safer streets -- what could be better than that?

 Not blowing smoke,

 William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

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