VA villains cheating America's finest again

 Whether they were liberating the world from the Nazis or delivering a long-overdue bullet to Bin Laden's noggin, there are millions of veterans who have stepped bravely into harm's way to keep us safe.

 We owe these heroes a debt of gratitude we can never repay.

 But the incompetent boobs running America's Department of Veteran Affairs have just released a shocking new report that's a slap in the face to every brave man and woman who ever served.

 And it's clearer than ever that the buffoons running the VA can't spell accountability -- much less live by it.

 The VA just wrapped up an "internal" investigation by declaring itself COMPLETELY INNOCENT of any wrongdoing in the deaths of 40 vets who waited months to see a doctor. And they should have printed this garbage right on toilet paper, because that's the only thing this report is going to be good for.

 The VA's crack team of internal investigators said they were unable to "substantiate" claims that veterans died while on waiting lists. Well, maybe these blame-shifters can hold a séance and deliver that news to Vietnam veteran Dennis Richardson.

 When Dennis died, he'd already been waiting three months to have his liver cancer treated -- and he had another four months to go. Newspapers everywhere had no trouble tracking down Dennis' story, but it would seem this was one stone these sham VA investigators left unturned.

 Is this America or North Korea? No man in this country gets to be judge, jury and executioner -- and you sure as heck don't get to be both judge and defendant. But that's exactly what the VA is doing by declaring itself "not guilty" in the greatest scandal in this inept agency's entire history.

 It's bad enough that the VA denied our veterans the medical care they earned -- but now it's trying to deny them justice, too. Well, allow me to give these government goofballs the trial they deserve.

 Department of Veteran Affairs -- in the matter of killing, or failing to extend the life of, Dennis Richardson, I find you GUILTY as charged.

Write your member of Congress now and demand a full -- and for cripes' sake IMPARTIAL -- investigation into the VA delays that killed American heroes.

 Because it's true we owe veterans a debt we can't repay -- but let's at least start by giving them the answers they deserve. Continue reading

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