Vegan mom practically starves baby to death

 A brainwashed, 23-year-old piece of human garbage has snatched the crown for bad mom of the decade. Sarah Anne Markham spent time cooling her heels in a Florida jail, after the state FINALLY took a days-old baby out of this moron's hands.

 No, Markham wasn't letting the kid play with matches, and she didn't forget to cover her electrical outlets. This self-described "holistic" mom was literally STARVING her baby to death by FORCING him to go vegan!

 At a time when her 12-day-old baby should have been packing on the pounds, Markham's tortured tyke was losing weight faster than a fat guy in a sauna. And it's all because Markham's high and mighty vegan principles wouldn't allow her to use REAL formula with animal byproducts just to keep her kid alive.

 Instead, the meat-hater loaded up the innocent infant with the latest soy-infested garbage Whole Foods had to offer.

 When an alert pediatrician noticed Markham's baby was dehydrated and losing weight, he wanted the kid hospitalized and practically ORDERED her to buy proper formula. Instead, like a boob on a bad episode of Cops, she fled forcing police to break into her house to rescue the starving child.

 Listen, even the dirtbags in America's prisons will stab a fella in the shower if they learn he harmed a kid. But the vegans of the world are dancing around some earth-friendly bonfire right now, because they finally have their martyr.

 These tofu-loving loons are supporting "vegan activist" Markham, with ridiculous claims that she has the RIGHT to raise her kid as she sees fit.

 Well, call me old fashioned, but this kid has rights, too. He has the right to have healthy protein-rich formula in his belly instead of his mother's politically correct nonsense shoved down his throat. And he has the right to opt out of a deadly vegan diet that's been linked to everything from weak bones to CANCER!

 Veganism is a cult, and like all cults it targets the young and vulnerable -- but now these wackos have reached a new low. Let's hope Markham and her baby both get what they deserve.

 For her, a prison cell -- and for him, a new lease on life.

 Taking no prisoners,

 William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

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