Illegal immigrants are rotten for our economy AND our flesh

 You'll find it stamped on police cruisers and badges in every town from New York to New Mexico.

 Serve and protect.

 It used to be a cop's job to keep you safe from that degenerate standing at your window with a crowbar, or the pickpocket eying your purse. But today there's an army of men and women patrolling our borders who will tell you life isn't so simple any more.

 That's because today's law enforcement agents are on the front line of a biological war being waged by legions of illegal immigrants who are tunneling and fence-hopping their way to a better life in the good old U.S. of A. And they're not toting their weapons in their hobo sacks full of jeans and ponchos -- it's what they're carrying on (and under) their skin that ought to have you steaming.

 Cops and border patrol agents in Southern Texas are coming down with scabies by the dozen after tackling, searching and otherwise contacting would-be illegal immigrants.

 These patriots are going home to their families each night with mites literally burrowing into their flesh thanks to a group of entitled CRIMINALS who think they have the right to enter America without permission. And these illegal aliens, these beloved darlings of the liberal media, are about to trigger an outbreak across the entire Southwest.

 That's because as many as 15% of the illegal immigrants detained in the Rio Grande Valley have (and are spreading) highly contagious scabies -- and just ONE Texas border patrol station is catching about 1,000 of these thugs a day.

 By some estimates, there are 67% more illegal immigrants trying to sneak across the Mexico-US border than there were last year. And why wouldn't they? The word's out that our president and his hipster buddies want to give these scofflaws free education and health care -- and they're sure going to need it, because they're transporting a lot more than scabies.

 In fact, the way Obama and pals are throwing around medical care for illegal aliens, I bet thousands of veterans wish they had the bright idea to swim across the Rio Grande. In Phoenix, AT LEAST 40 vets died waiting for VA appointments while the state shelled out $700 million in health care for illegal immigrants.

 I've been called insensitive for my "radical" idea that we ship home every illegal immigrant in America and start heavily arming our borders. But it isn't my job to help developing world castoffs find employment -- my job is to keep you safe.

 And ILLEGAL immigration is one of the greatest health threats facing America today. Because as any Texas border patrol cop will tell you, illegals aren't just making us feel uncomfortable these days, they're literally making our skin crawl. Continue reading

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