Video: Overtaxed? You Need To Pay More!

How much do you pay in taxes? Your first thought may be to what you pay in income taxes. But do you even know what that number is? With the concept of "withholding" it is easy to only pay attention to the bottom line of your paycheck but not pay attention to the top line. So what are some of the taxes that you pay? 1) Federal Income Taxes 2) Local Income Taxes 3) Social Security Taxes 4) Sales Taxes 5) Real Estate Taxes (yearly) 6) Real Estate Transfer Tax (when you buy or sell a property) 7) Room and Meals Taxes 8) Excise Taxes 9) Gas taxes 10) Hunting and Fishing License Taxes 11) Speeding Taxes 12) Inheritance Taxes 13) IRS Penalties 14) Liquor Taxes 15) Capital Gains Taxes 16) Road Tolls 17) Telephone Taxes 18) Workers Compensation Taxes 19) Vehicle Registration Taxes 20) Unemployment Taxes 21) Building Permits 22) Tax Penalties 23) Corporate Taxes And on and on and on...

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