Round 'em up, send 'em back

 America's illegal immigrants and I aren't exactly on speaking terms. That's because I believe when someone sneaks into our country, they ought to be sent back with a giant "Return to Sender" label stamped on their foreheads.

 But if I could ask the 12 million criminals who snuck into this country illegally one question, it would be this, "After you snuck your way under some shoddy Texas fence, did you even bother to dust yourself off before you stuck your hand out?"

 From Panama to Peru the word is out that America's nanny state liberals want to give illegals everything, from free education to health care.

 Well, how about we give them a check-up first?

 Because a new government study shows that we're finally getting the upper hand on tuberculosis in America -- and it's all because we're stopping sick immigrants at the border.

 Cases of highly contagious tuberculosis are reaching all-time lows, thanks to a new program that screens immigrants before they put that first toe on American soil. Now before you think I've gone soft... before you get the idea I'm actually PRAISING our government... let me point something out -- this program only screens LEGAL immigrants.

 But it's just more proof that if we want to stop long-eradicated diseases from terrorizing America again, our efforts begin and end at the border. Illegals are bringing everything from leprosy to tape worms across our porous borders, and it's time to beef up security and deportations so we can protect the real American citizens who came to this country the right way.

 This isn't about race or cultural sensitivity -- it's about your health. And for your health... and the health of all those you love... it's time we start enforcing the law.

 Alienating the illegal aliens,

William Campbell Douglass II, M.D

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