Drone crashes into triathlete; operator blames ‘hacker,’ victim

These stories are going to become as commonplace as car accidents, given how quickly the skies are filling with insufficiently regulated aerial drones.
A triathlete in Australia sustained a laceration and "the ambulance crew took a piece of propeller from (her) head" after a drone filming the competition crashed into her.  The operator's excuse is straight out of the celebrity tweet-storm handbook: Someone, he claims, allegedly hacked into his control system and sent the craft careening to the ground. (Yes, it's conceivable; no, I don't believe it.)
Literally adding insult to injury, the operator denies that the drone actually hit the woman - propeller shard be damned - insisting instead that it fell harmlessly behind her and that her injuries were the result of her being startled and falling (as if that would mitigate anything).
From an Australian press report: Continue reading

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