Here's a fake virus to get you out of work early

What better way to get out of work early than to fall victim to a virus that shuts down your PC? Well, being able to do that without actually suffering a virus. That's the thinking behind the Happy Hour Virus, a simple service that makes your PC look like it has crashed so you can pretend to be really upset about missing out on the last three hours of your Friday afternoon before heading out to happy hour (I think that's where they got the name).
Colorado-based ad agency TDA_Boulder launched the service with a website,, that offers a pretty impressive menu of PC outages - a kernel panic, a notorious blue screen of death, or the trusty broken monitor, because you can't get your work done if you can't see it on your monitor.
According to Gizmodo, all you have to do is hit the "escape" key to exit the fake virus program. This could be pretty embarrassing for those daring enough to try it right in front of their boss. And it could mean unemployment if the IT department comes around to inspect the computer after you're already three drinks into happy hour.
Why did TDA_Boulder launch the site? It's part of a campaign to promote better work/life balance, which appears to be a way to lead people toward an automated recruiting service the firm appears to be promoting. This page explaining the Happy Hour Virus promotion links to a careers page for something called "the applicant manager," which apparently automates the hiring process.

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