Video: 'Obama's Trying to Make Life Miserable': Judge Napolitano on Shutdown Warnings

How are your taxpayer dollars being used to enforce the government shutdown? Police barricades line the World War II Memorial and cones are blocking the roads leading to Mount Rushmore. Over the weekend, the Amber Alert website was offline, but it has since been restored.
Today on Your World, Judge Andrew Napolitano said that while President Obama isn’t deciding where cones should go, he is instructing the executive branch about the nature of things that should be closed.
The judge told Neil Cavuto, “He has the discretion to take the money that the government has and spend it to deliver the greatest amount of services to the greatest number of people. Instead, he seems to be trying to cause the greatest discomfort to the largest number of people and blame it on those terrible Republicans.”
Judge Napolitano likened the federal government’s doomsday warnings to the sequestration. “[The president] tried to make life miserable, and it went back to normal. He’s trying to do the same thing now. When the media catches him, like [Neil] did with the Amber Alert, suddenly they have the money to put it back.” Direct link to video

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