New push to feminize men

Men are being transformed into women -- weepy, wimpy girly-men, often with their own sets of man-boobs. Why? It's the estrogen. Estrogen in food. Estrogen in water. Estrogen in packaging. Estrogen everywhere you turn -- and if there's anything men don't need more of, it's estrogen. So I'm not buying the new study that claims low estrogen in men is a major cause of both sexual dysfunction and increased body fat. In fact, the study making big headlines actually proves no such thing -- because it didn't compare hormone levels in healthy and unhealthy men. No, they chemically neutered all of the men in the study first, blocking their testosterone levels for FOUR MONTHS. (Why any guy would willingly sign up to be turned into a girl for four months is beyond me.) Then, they had some of their testosterone restored via medication while some men took estrogen-blocking drugs and others did not. ALL of the men got fat and ALL of the men suffered sexual dysfunction, according to the study in the New England Journal of Medicine. The men who took the estrogen-blocking drugs felt it a little more, but so what? At this point, it's not even a study anymore -- it's an experiment in gender-bending mad science. So let me cut through the bull here and tell you everything you need to know about hormones and aging: If you are a man and you're past middle age, you are almost certainly deficient in testosterone -- not estrogen. And it's supplements of testosterone -- not estrogen -- that will get you back on track, helping you to clear the cobwebs out of your mind and the fat off the middle. More importantly, testosterone -- not estrogen -- is what you need for peak performance in the bedroom. There are supplements that can get your body to produce its own testosterone, but in some cases you will need the real deal -- actual testosterone supplements. If that's the case, don't go it alone. Work with a naturopathic physician skilled in natural hormone replacement who can test your levels and monitor your progress. With news from the hormone zone, William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

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