Canadian Parent Told She’d Have To Wait Nine Months For Her Child To See Doctor

Source:   How often have Obamacare supporters pointed up north to parallel the great success of Canada’s healthcare system to Obamacare? For one, the two systems are different in many ways. Yet, the outcome is the same.   
When you increase the number of individuals receiving care while simultaneously decreasing the incentive for bright, young minds to enter the medical field you end up with dead weight loss.

Social health care is sold on the idea increasing access to care. However the dead weight loss is exhibited in longer wait times, decreased access to care and diminishing quality of care.

One Canadian mother recently shared the letter above on a social media network from the therapist to prove the point. The mother writes, “Canada’s health care system is a fucking joke. Took 18 months to get a referral in the first place. I’d rather pay out of pocket than wait in line.” Many suggested she come to America to receive care, or pay cash.

One commented, “Doctors there (America) try so much harder because they know they have to earn their pay unlike here. They swipe our cards (Canadian health cards) and that’s it.”

Even Canadian doctors know their system is a sham, as pointed out by another commentator, “My dentist goes to Buffalo. Pays cash for everything but says its worth it.”

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