Buzzsaw: News Worth Watching 10/4/2013

 Seal Team 6 and government stories of Bin Laden's death aren't lining up, while Sen. Dianne Feinstein leaked NSA secrets and the proposed Keystone Pipeline is set to inspire a gush of protests. We discuss salmon farming and Ted Danson's statements on the industry, NBC and Brian Williams manufacturing support for war in Iran, and how AIG's head compared the plight of Wall St. bankers to African-American lynch mob victims. Unbelievable if it wasn't true...Tyrel Ventura and Tabetha Wallace bring the the Buzzsaw news.

00:01 This is Buzzsaw.
01:00 Ted Danson Knows More Than Jack About Salmon.
03:00 NBC and Brian Williams Sudden Claims on Iran
06:44 Seal Team 6 Deadly Stories about Osama Bin Laden.
17:24 Head of AIG Compares Wall Street Uproar To Lynchings
23:01 Keystone XL Spawns XXL Protests
30:55 Feinstein Leaks NSA Secrets. No Charges Filed

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