Want to lose weight? Eat a BIG breakfast

Skip breakfast? You may as well skip breathing -- it's that important. Eat up and eat big, because new research confirms that a great big morning meal can actually help you to lose weight and slash your risk of diabetes. What's remarkable about this one is that all of the 93 obese women who took part in the 12-week study ate the same number of calories -- 1,400 per day -- but got very different results based on when they ate them. One group ate 700 calories for breakfast, 500 for lunch and 200 for dinner. Another group had it the other way around: 200, 500 and 700. Both groups lost weight -- how could you not on 1,400 calories a day? -- but the ones who had the big breakfasts lost a whole lot more: nearly 18 pounds over three months, versus just 7.3 pounds among those who ate the little breakfasts. The big breakfast eaters also got smaller bellies, losing an average of 3.3 inches off their waistline versus 1.5 inches among those who got the smaller breakfasts. And to top it all off, the ones who had the big breakfasts had lower levels of insulin, glucose, triglycerides and ghrelin -- the hormone your body releases when it's hungry. Now, that's good... but you can do better, because you don't need to limit yourself to a measly 1,400 calories a day to have a successful diet. You can lose weight, take inches off your waistline, gain control of your blood sugar and slash your risk of diabetes, heart disease and more -- and you can do it all without counting a single calorie. Just skip the carbs. Eat healthy meals rich in delicious animal fats and low in carbs -- and with zero added sugars -- and the pounds will practically melt right off. Your carb commander, Source: William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

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