Video: “The West Will Regret All Its Financial Policies Someday Soon”

For the September 2013 Matterhorn Interview Lars Schall interviews Eric Sprott. We are obviously extremely pleased to feature Eric Sprott this month. He needs no introduction and is a Grandee in the precious metals markets. There are very few people who understand this market better than Eric. In this interview Eric Sprott covers several hot topics such as the obvious manipulation of gold and the fact that Central Banks will eventually lose the battle. He also says that the West will regret all their policies and that these policies will lead to defaults and non-payment of commitments. Eric is very clear that there will never be an audit of the US gold and that most of it is probably not there. Silver is Eric’s favorite investment and he explains why it will outperform gold. He also gives a forecast for gold and silver in the next 12 months. Please also check out the Sprott Precious Metals Round table webcast of September 24. The below video podcast with Eric Sprott has depth and is a must listen.

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