Regime Change in Libya Descends into ‘Lawlessness and Ruin’

Libyan oil production drops from 1.4 million barrels per day to less than 160,000, as tribal conflict threatens to escalate into all out civil war.

As the Syrian war crisis looms, and the repercussions of putting a “rebel” mercenary army aligned with al Qaeda into power while simultaneously antagonizing Iran, Russia and other world powers waits to play out, it is important to note what has become of Libya – in many ways a twin model for regime change that nevertheless pales in comparison to the potential for ousting the Assad regime to blowback hard on the United States.

Taking out Col. Gaddafi for the cause of ‘democracy’ and ‘Western liberalism’ at the cost of putting al Qaeda-aligned “rebel” factions into power ultimately cost considerable political capital, a little over a billion dollars and the lives of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans via the Benghazi affair. Numerous civilians were killed and countless Libyans displaced while a once modern and prosperous North African country rich in oil, gold and other resources was wrecked.

Take a look at these startling photos before and after the 2011 NATO campaign:

Now Libya threatens to inflame in civil war over political control for territory and oil and prolonged Continue reading

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