North African Python kills 60-pound Siberian husky in Miami

The 10-foot long North African python that killed a family's 60-pound husky in SW Miami-Dade on Aug. 30. Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission By Craig Pittman Tampa Bay Times The first call to Miami-Dade’s 911 operator was frantic. A python had wrapped itself around the neck of the family pet, a 60-pound Siberian husky. The snake was choking the life out of it. The second call five minutes later said fire-rescue officials were too late. The dog was dead. An off-duty fire captain and reality TV star, Charles “Big Country” Seifert of the Animal Planet show Swamp Wars, managed to capture the 10-foot-long, 38 pound snake . It wasn’t one of the thousands of Burmese pythons that have plagued the Everglades for 20 years and become the poster child for Florida’s invasive species problems. What killed the husky was another, nastier species for Floridians to worry about: a North African python, also known as a rock python, which appears to be breeding freely in the suburbs at the edge of the Everglades. Read more here:

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