Missing out on beauty sleep makes you ugly

You don't need a study to know what people look like when they miss out on sleep. Just take a look in the mirror after a night of tossing and turning. But you know researchers. They'll study the wetness of water if they can snooker someone into funding it -- so they recently studied what people look like when they miss out on sleep. What do you think they found? No surprises, that's for darn sure. There's a reason we call it "beauty sleep," because not getting your winks can make you downright ugly. In the study, the researchers snapped two sets of photos of 23 volunteers: one after a full 8 hours of shuteye, and then again after the volunteers were kept awake for 31 hours. In the "before" photos, they were all normal and healthy young men and women. In the "after" photos, they looked like they went 10 rounds with the champ and lost. They had swollen, puffy eyelids with bloodshot eyeballs peeping out from under them. Below that, thick, dark bags sagged around pale, wrinkled skin. Even their mouths drooped in the corners. They looked more like zombies than people! As a result, 40 volunteers asked to rate the photos had no problem figuring out which were the "before" pics and which were the "afters." In fact, in scientific terms, the "after" photos were judged unhealthy, unhappy, and unattractive. In plain talk, that's sick, sad and ugly. So if good health isn't enough of a reason to make sure you get your sleep, let me appeal to your vanity -- do it for your looks. Source: William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

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