Floridians getting jobs, but often at a pay cut

Wages droop while prices rise

Source: Sun Sentinel
If it seems like you have to work harder these days for less money, it's because you live in a state stuck with a lasting decline in its standard of living, according to a Labor Day report on Florida's job picture.
Job seekers are finally returning to work after a sluggish recovery. But the report by Florida International University's Center for Labor Research and Studies shows that wages are stagnant or dropping, except for the top 10 percent of households, while health-care and other costs are rising.
    As a result of low wages and lost jobs, the median household income in Florida from 2000 to 2011 plunged by $5,668 — a whopping 11.5 percent — to $43,556.
    The average retail clerk who made an inflation-adjusted $25,037 in 2000 earned $23,815 in 2011. Professionals, scientists and technicians on average made $45,284 in 2000 but only $42,695 in 2011. Health-care and social workers did a little better, going from an average of $37,148 in 2000 to $38,386.
    "Most people have not seen any large changes in their wages in the past 12 years," the report concludes, "and amid rising living costs, many have seen their standard of living decrease over this period.
    "The middle class is now part of the new low-wage majority, and it only appears to be growing."
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