Deadly coffee? Don't believe it!

Whatever your pleasure is, it won't be long before some killjoy comes along and tells you how bad it is for you. Eat a steak, and he'll whine about the fats. Light a cigar, and you can expect some nonsensical lecture about the supposed ills of tobacco before you take your first puff. And don't even think about sprinkling a little salt on your food. Do you have a death wish or something? Well, I'm here to tell you it's all nonsense -- and that includes the latest noise over coffee, which claims people who drink a lot of it have a higher risk of death. For men under the age of 55, four cups a day will supposedly boost the risk of death by 56 percent. And ladies, you may as well make your funeral arrangements while the coffee is brewing -- because that fourth cup will, supposedly, double your risk of death. PUH-leaze! If there's any time I feel close to death, it's BEFORE I have a cuppa jo -- not after it. So as you can imagine, there are some huge flaws with this study, but none of them are bigger than the fact that it wasn't even a study on coffee in the first place. The 43,727 participants were tracked in many ways for 17 years, but they were asked about their coffee habits exactly once in all that time. That's right... once. In 17 years. How you can make any conclusions based on a single question about coffee over 17 years and actually get it published in a scientific journal is beyond me. Let's stick to the actual scientific conclusions from the actual scientific studies on coffee instead, which consistently find that regular coffee drinkers -- even regular drinkers of a lot of coffee -- have a lower risk of heart disease, dementia, cancer and more. And for the record, they have a lower risk of death, too. I'm not done with coffee yet. Men, keep reading for a reason to make sure you really do have that fourth daily cup. Source: William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

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