Bloomberg: “Libertarians are the New Communists”

Nick Hanauer & Eric Liu wrote an absurd piece in Bloomberg called “Libertarians are the New Communists.” You might wonder how people get paid to write such ridiculous articles. But then you realize that someone actually gets paid to bomb foreigners, steal en masse from the world via the monetary systm, and regulate voluntary business out of the market. Perhaps it is just the evil world in which we live. Regardless, one still wonders if the authors of the Bloomberg piece actually believe in the claims that they make. For instance, the writers claim the following: Yet the ideologies [libertarianism and communism] are simply mirror images. Both attempt to answer the same questions, and fail to do so in similar ways. Where communism was adopted, the result was misery, poverty and tyranny. If extremist libertarians ever translated their beliefs into policy, it would lead to the same kinds of catastrophe. It might help the authors if they, you know, actually told us what the “same questions” are that each group is attempting to answer. And how are these questions different than the one the plethora of “moderate” statists attempt to answer? Perhaps it would be more accurate to note that every theory of government attempts to answer the same questions. In which case, the questions do not matter nearly as much as the answers do. But if it is true that the answers are the focus of our difference with the communists, then there is really nothing similar at all between the two ideologies. In fact, we would be right to say that all these statists in the United States (and elsewhere) who are not communists per se, actually have more in common with the communists than the libertarians do. The Bloomberg propagandists draw the similarity of the two ideologies by saying that communism resulted badly and the libertarian ideology could possible end badly. That causes one to be highly suspicious of their argument. What about the increasing misery, poverty, and tyranny in America? Is that because of communism or libertarianism, given the fact that we have neither? Continue reading

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