Barnes & Noble PIN pad tampering incident

Delbert's Note: I missed this news when it first came out but who would think that a major retail chain would be at risk like this? I had a similar incident happen to me a few years ago on a new debit card that I had only used at three places all major retailers. The card company caught it because the card was attempted to be used at the same time in 2 locations. I pressed my bank for an answer to this and they were very elusive and said it happens. A federal judge in Illinois has tossed a class-action lawsuit against Barnes & Noble, after plaintiffs failed to demonstrate loss or injury as a result of a PIN pad tampering incident last year. Judge John Darrah granted the bookseller's motion to dismiss the case last Tuesday, and highlighted major holes in the claims made by four Barnes & Noble customers who said they were impacted by the breach. In Sept. 2012, Barnes & Noble, the country's largest book retailer, removed PIN pads from all of its nearly 700 stores nationwide after tampered devices were discovered at 63 locations in Illinois, New York, New Jersey, California, Massachusetts, Florida, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Connecticut. There was a six-week delay between the time the company become aware of the breach and when it made the announcement last October that bandits planted bugs in its PIN pad devices to steal customer credit and debit card information via skimming fraud. Continue reading

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