Worst job outlook for all truck drivers, the future doesn't need you

Over the next two decades, machines will drive themselves and 5.7 million truck driving jobs will vanish.

 Many pooh-pooh that idea for insurance reasons, but costs savings and improved technology suggest the trend is inevitable.

 Please consider the Wall Street Journal report Daddy, What Was a Truck Driver?
 Ubiquitous, autonomous trucks are "close to inevitable," says Ted Scott, director of engineering and safety policy for the American Trucking Associations. "We are going to have a driverless truck because there will be money in it," adds James Barrett, president of 105-rig Road Scholar Transport Inc. in Scranton, Pa.

 Economic theory holds that such basic changes will, over time, improve standards of living by making us more productive and less wasteful. An idle truck with a sleeping driver is, after all, just a depreciating asset.

 "Holy s—," exclaims Kevin Mullen, the safety director at ADS Logistics Co., a 300-truck firm in Chesterton, Ind. "If I didn't have to deal with drivers, and I could just program a truck and send it?" Continue reading

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