Want to make more money? Have more sex!

Want to make more money? Have more sex!

 And no, I'm not talking about joining the world's oldest profession here. I'm talking about the simple fact that people who get more in the bedroom also get more in the paycheck, at least according to one new survey.

 People who do the deed four or more times a week on average make more dough than people who have little to no sex, according to the study of 7,500 Greek households.

 Now, I'm not sure how much I'd trust a study that involves both Greece and money. And even if there IS a link, it's not clear just what that link is.

 Maybe people who have more sex are happier and more confident because of it, and that carries over to the work, where they are rewarded with more money. Or maybe because they already make more money, they're happier and more confident and more likely to have sex -- or more likely to attract people who want to have sex with them (sure, that's shallow... but it's reality).

 But even if there's no link at all, there's no harm in trying. And if you do it often enough -- and do it right -- you might even stop caring about how much money you have. (For a few minutes, anyway.)

 And while more sex may not give you a boost in the bank account, it can give you a lift in plenty of other ways.

 Regular sex can help protect the heart, lift the mood and enhance your marriage (assuming you're having sex with your spouse, that is).

 It can even help you look younger, too, according to another recent study.

 So pick a reason, any reason. They're all good -- now grab your partner and "just do it."

Source: William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

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