Steam gamers target of Ramnit trojan

Fraudsters have targeted gaming platform Steam by using man-in-the-browser style attacks.

Users of the popular video game distribution service Steam are being targeted by a trojan that steals their login credentials and defeats the service's password encryption mechanism by using HTML injection.

According to security firm Trusteer, which specializes in fraud prevention services, attackers have been on a campaign to obtain Steam users' login data since mid-July.

Etay Maor, fraud prevention solutions manager at Trusteer, detailed the attackers' exploits in a Monday blog post, revealing that a variant of the trojan Ramnit was being used to compromise gamers.

A major software service that provides users access to more than 2,000 games, Steam has around 54 million members and is owned by Bellevue, Wash.-based software company Valve.  

Steam was the victim of a massive breach back in November 2011, in which hackers accessed the personal data of up to 35 million users contained in a database.

This time, however, the vandals targeted individual users, Etay said. Continue reading

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