Vote Them Out,Vote Them All Out, and let’s get this country back on course!

The only way to Change Congress, is to CHANGE Congress. Get Congress to work together to solve our country's problems! That means both sides of the aisle. That means conciliation, compromise and ACTION. This is a non-partisan movement with one goal Vote Congress Out in 2014. Hold both sides Accountable and let’s get this country back on course! Regardless of political party, we must vote the incumbent out of office to send a message to D.C., that the people are in charge of the government. Only 6% think Congress is doing a good or excellent job. Republicans and Democrats have continued to fail us. Representative government is over. We have a government that is more focused on power and money than on the welfare of its Citizens. 90% of U.S. Citizens want Term Limits. Why don't we have them? Let's fire Congress and act like the Employers that we are. To see how your Congressman Voted Click Here It's time to Vote Them Out, Vote Them All Out 2014.

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