NASA taking first steps to build faster-than-light warp engine to make light speed space travel a reality

Researchers at the NASA's Johnson Space Center are convinced they can turn science fiction to fact and prove warp speed might someday be possible.

To do this, they would need to break, or at least bend the rules of time and space famously laid out by Albert Einstein over 50-years ago.

Undeterred, Dr. Harold G. White and his team have begun small-scale experiments using infinitesimally small photons that could have galactic sized ramifications for the future of space travel for mankind.

Dr. White, 43, is trying to manipulate or 'warp' the trajectory of a photon - put simply, he wants to see whether he can fold time and space around the photon to allow it to travel a greater distance, but at the same speed.

'Space has been expanding since the Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago,' said Dr. White to the New York Times. Link to more. Source

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