Cheat-Sheet On U.S. Goverment Spying

If you’ve been too busy to keep up with the spying scandal, here’s an overview:
The government is spying on just about everything we do
The government has adopted a secret interpretation of the Patriot Act which allows it to pretend that “everything” is relevant … so it spies on everyone
The government’s mass spying doesn’t keep us safe
NSA spying did not prevent a terror attack on Wall Street
There is no real oversight by either Congress or the courts.
Even a Federal judge who was on the secret spying court for 3 years says that it’s a kangaroo court Experts say that the spying program is illegal, and is exactly the kind of thing which King George imposed on the American colonists … which led to the Revolutionary War
We can keep everyone safe without violating the Constitution … more cheaply and efficiently than the current system
The top counter-terrorism Czar under Clinton and Bush says that revealing NSA spying programs does not harm national security
Whistleblowers on illegal spying have no “legal” way to get the information out
A high-level intelligence source says “we hack everyone everywhere“
Some people make a lot of money off of mass spying
Spying started before 9/11 … and may have stemmed from an emergency program only meant to be activated in the case of a nuclear war
Governments and big corporations are doing everything they can to destroy anonymity
Mass spying creates an easy mark for hackers
Polls show that the public doesn’t believe the NSA
While leaker Edward Snowden is treated as a traitor by the fatcats and elites, he is considered a hero by the American public
While the Obama administration is spying on everyone in the country – it is at the same time the most secretive administration ever
That’s despite Obama saying he’s running the most transparent administration ever
Top constitutional experts say that Obama and Bush are worse than Nixon … and the Stasi East Germans
Surveillance can be used to frame you if someone in government happens to take a dislike to you Government spying has always focused on crushing dissent … not on keeping us safe
An NSA whistleblower says that the NSA is spying on – and blackmailing – top government officials and military officers
High-level US government officials have warned for 40 years that mass surveillance would lead to tyranny in America   Source

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