Carbs can take control of your brain

You've heard of "junk food junkies," right? Well, it's not just a figure of speech -- because carbs in general and sugar in particular ARE addictive in a very real way. The more you eat, the more you crave. And the more you crave, the more you eat. Next thing you know, you're locked in a vicious cycle that leads to obesity, diabetes, heart disease and an early death -- and all it starts with a single snack or "treat." Just one bite... one little sip... one sugary bit of junk triggers a series of reactions inside the brain that match exactly what we see in people with serious addiction problems, and new research shows how it unfolds in real time. A dozen overweight or obese men were given two shakes at different times: A normal milkshake high on the glycemic index -- aka high in carbs -- and a low-glycemic shake that looked and tasted the same. The sugary treat, of course, did just what you'd expect it to, causing blood-sugar levels to spike and plunge in a matter of hours. As those blood-sugar levels plunged, the men got hungry again. And as they got hungry, the region of the brain involved in addiction -- the same "reward center" that leads to gambling addiction, drug abuse and other problems -- lit up like a Christmas tree. The low-glycemic shake didn't cause any of that. It's rock-solid proof that carbs are every bit as addictive as cocaine and slot machines -- and EXACTLY what I've been telling you all along. That's why it's critical to break your own carb addiction ASAP. Get started now on a low-carb lifestyle rich in delicious animal fats and proteins that will help you lose weight AND get healthy at the same time. Do it right, and you'll eat full meals that'll NEVER leave you hungry -- and you won't even have to spill a drop of sweat exercising, either. Source: Daily Dose with William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

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