Bank Repossesses House, Sells Off Homeowner’s Stuff, But It's the Wrong House!

A Vinton County lady is looking to get her stuff back again after a bank inaccurately broke into her house and took it all. Katie Barnett says that the First National Bank in Wellston seized her house, in spite of the fact that it was not her bank. "They repossessed my house on mischance, supposing it was the house across the road," Barnett said. Barnett, who had been far from the house for about two weeks, said she needed to creep through the window of her own house to get in after her own did not work. A percentage of the things in her house had been pulled away, others were sold, given away and destroyed. The bank sent somebody to repossess the house across the road from Barnett's house, yet screwed up and busted into hers. See video below

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