Advertisers Can Now Get Directly Into Your Head

A German company has technology that will permit advertisements to be broadcast directly into train travelers' heads when they lean against the window. "Tired suburbanites frequently rest their heads against windows. Abruptly a voice inside their head is conversing with them. No other person can catch this message," states the video by Sky Deutschland in cooperation with the commercial org BBDO Germany. "The proposal includes utilizing skeletal substance conduction engineering, which is utilized as a part of listening devices, earphones and Google's Glass headset, to pass sound to the inward ear through vibrations through the skull," reports the Telegraph. The sound is telecast from a transmitter which is appended to the train window. Bbdo said that when approval is gotten from Sky Deutschland, the innovation will be rolled out "as fast as could reasonably be expected". The gadget has recently been tried on open transport in Munich and Aachen.

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