Don't Eat The Chinese Food In China Or Maybe Anywhere

There have been many stories over the past few years here in the U.S.and Europe about people getting sick from different kinds of foods.  Usually it's some sort of pathogen such as Salmonella or E.Coli from food not being cooked through, or dirty vegetables, but it's nothing compared to what they have to deal with in China.  I've seen a number of the stories that this article speaks of in individual reports.  So remember next time your buying food you may want to check the label and see where it's from.  This is the wonderful country that has given us the famous Chinese drywall, lead painted children's toys, melamine in the pet food that killed thousands of dogs and cats, and toothpaste with antifreeze. Check out the article over at Unknown Country If You Visit China, Don't Eat the Food!

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