Motivation In Under A Minute

Today’s post is complements of  Ed Smith over at Bright Moment. He's got a book out and I subscribe to his free One Minute Motivator. Anyway this mornings post was extremely coincidental and timely and has really put a flame under my ass to get my plan of action together and execute it.  You see yesterday I came up with and interesting idea for a new product  that just popped into my mind .  I get ideas all the time but this one seemed like it had all the makings of something that could be very successful.  So I made note of it and started researching it last night.  So far I've got a number of people to call and a list of things that need to get done. 

However, let me get back to the email I received from Ed this morning. He wrote, “Give your ideas wings.  You have a number of great ideas every day, but most of us, let them go by without taking any action.  Take the next great idea you have, and start the steps needed to make it happen, as soon as you have the idea.  Don't let the great ideas fade away without action; use the momentum you have when you are excited about the idea, to propel you into implementing it.”.  This is what woke me up this morning after two cups of coffee hadn't done it. 

I won't tell you what the idea is but I will keep you updated on its progress.  This should be a really interesting adventure because I'm going off into uncharted territory.  At the very least I'm sure I will learn a lot, and who knows it may be very profitable.

So if you're interested in getting these types of free emails every morning you can head over to and sign up with Ed, and if you're interested in his excellent book, they sell that over at Amazon and the link should be just off  to the left.  That's my 2 cents and if you have any other books that you like let me know and I'll have a look.

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