How To Dry A Wet Cell Phone

I just read an article over at Yahoo (article here) that gave ideas about what to do should your cell phone go for a swim. They suggest the rice drying method that I'd never heard of, but it only worked on 1 of the 3 phones tested anyway. I myself have had this happen to me is the past and the method that has worked for me is one they say to never use. The risk is yours but here is what I did. I removed the battery and the sim card and fired up the oven to 140 degrees. That is the lowest setting and coincidentally is the same temperature that you need to keep food warm without going bad and the same temperature that is the maximum operating operating temperature of most cell phones (consult the owners manual). I put it in the oven on a pizza pan for about 4 hours, let it cool to room temperature, put the sim card and battery back in and they fired back up and they all worked. Now this method has not been tried on my new Android smart phone ( I own this one) and hopefully I won't ever have to try it but I just looked at the manual and it says not to use the phone if the temperature is above 140 degrees so I can see myself at least giving it a try. Has anyone else been lucky using my oven method? Again I've used it on a couple of cell phones and a cordless phone that was left outside in a bucket overnight in a rainstorm. It was actually submerged for at least 10 hours before I found it. Good luck, that's my two cents.

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