Fort Lauderdale Strikers Shut Out Minnesota To Win Second Game In A Row

The Fort Lauderdale Strikers won their second game in a row on Saturday against the Minnesota Stars.   Like I said in previous weeks commentary I was looking forward to last night's game.  It was a beautiful night for a game the skies cleared and the sea breezes kept the stadium comfortable.
The game started off slow, the first half of the game started looking more like the game I saw a few weeks back where the Strikers played Montreal. Although the first half at its offensive moments it seems that  neither team had really taken advantage and got  aggressive on offense and was mostly playing defense with plenty of  hesitation to move the ball forward.  There were a number of missed opportunities such as very wide or high shots on goal and corner kicks that went the wrong direction.
However that all changed the second half, both teams came alive offensively but it was the strikers that came out on top.  They were able to score three unanswered goals and one after getting a red card.  The third goal was on an impressive break away.  There were a number of breakaways in the second half and with a bit more luck the game could have been a little more lopsided. 
I heard a few people questioning way the Strikers were defending opposite end of the field for this game.
No one seems to know why, was there a coin toss, a gentlemans agreement or did the Strikers just decide to the wanted to defend the other end first.  If anyone knows please chime in.  Either way this was the second home win in a row and I didn't hear too much complaining. 
I also got myself a Striker hat to wear at the game so I guess you could call me a fan now even though I'm still trying figure out the game.  There was also a rare sighting of a couple Striker girls. 

Now I'd heard that there were Striker girls and I'd even heard announcements about them at the game but this was the first actual sighting and I do have video to prove it.  They are kind of far off and the picture isn't the greatest and some people with say that they are fiction just like big foot or the lockness monster but I'll let you be the judge.   That's my two cents.

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