Fort Lauderdale Strikers Rally Late To Beat Puerto Rico

The Fort Lauderdale Strikers took the lead early about ten minutes into the game.  However they gave it all back and went behind after Puerto Rico Islanders got red carded and rallied ahead 2 - 1 while the strikers looked dazed.  However, it wasn't to be for the Islanders as the Strikers battled back late in the game for two more goals for a 3 - 2 win over Puerto Rico.

This game was much better than last weeks 0-0 tie against Montreal that put a much larger crowd to sleep.  The action was steady and both teams played aggressively and until the final whistle it could have been anyone's game.  

This was my second time at a Strikers game and I'm starting to look forward to next weeks game.  I don't know anything about the Minnesota team but if the Strikers can bring last nights intensity plus  and get their heads out of the mid-game fog I think we are in for some good action.  See you next Saturday.  That's my two cents.  Delbert out.

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