Review of Bosch Powerstream Pro RP7P Tankless Electric Water Heater

Recently I installed a Bosch Powerstream Pro RP7P Tankless Electric Water Heater in my house to replace the large space hogging electric tank water heater. This was brought on when the old water heater ruptured, and luckily I was a home at that time. So the disaster was kept to a minimum.
After I cleaned up the mess I wondered what I was going to do. I'd seen these tankless water heaters around on the market but never quite got around to doing anything about it. Well here was my chance. I looked around on the Internet called a few places and talked to a few friends. I had one friend that had already replaced his large water heater with a tankless water heater. He had installed is about a year back and he had good results with it so I thought I'd go ahead and do the same thing and give it a try. Now I'm a beginner and completely unskilled at plumbing but my friend reassured me it would be a job I could handle so it was  ordered and I went from there.
First off what you get in the box is just the main unit along with some mounting screws. The back of the unit serves as the backing plate that bolts to the wall and really that's all they included. Now like I said I am no plumber by any means and I realized that not knowing what I was doing the general consensus was to not get copper and try operate a torch with no experience, nor did I really have the ambition to try to learn that at this time for a small project, and I really needed it to be done as I'd already taken a couple days of cold showers.
So off to the plumbing supply store to get a section of 1/2 inch CPVC pipe, Teflon tape, elbow connectors, and four special connectors. I need two that would connect pvc to threaded copper and two that would connect to smooth copper. What these do is a just click into place and you'll see from the picture here that all you have to do is once you've cut the pipe to length is either thread or push them onto the copper pipe and the pvc just pushes onto the other end, and it just clicks right into place. I was highly skeptical that these connectors would leak or at worst just explode out from the pressure. I was really surprised how well these connectors actually work.
3/4" copper to 1/2" CPVC
3/4" Threaded to 1/2" CPVC
Now the tricky part, as you can see the pipework is not a pretty job it kind of goes all over the place and really I didn't see any other way to do this.
Fancy pipework.
I'm sure if I had a professional plumber do this it would have looked much cleaner, but this was a quick and dirty job. Total time spent on this job from the time I actually started on the project was probably  in less than an hour and a half. What I did was to a take some rough measurements and just slap everything together because you don't have much time to work with this pipe once you apply the solvent/glue. So I did a dry fit and everything seemed to be in the right place so I grabbed the solvent quickly the put everything together. It was slapped together and done in about 15 minutes. At that Point I had time to relax and go grab dinner. I let it sit overnight and it was ready to use by morning.
Installed unit ready to use.
Now this particular unit is not a high performance unit. If you look at what it says on the box it says instant hot water to any sink so generally this would probably be something used in an office building for hot water in the bathrooms but this is perfect for my application. I live in my home by myself and I do not run the washing machine, dishwasher, and take hot showers at the same time. So if you are a similar situation where you're only going to be using one hot water application at a time this could be a good solution for you.
This will be good storage space.
Now the other thing that's important is I live in a fairly warm climate. I'm in South Florida where the water temperature in the wintertime is probably warmer than anywhere up north in the summertime. In the instructions they explain basically how much temperature increase you will get at a specific flow rate. For example if you're using on 1 gallon for minutes you could expect the water temperature to rise 48° warmer that the water coming into the house at 1 1/2 to 2 gallons per minute it'll raise the water temperature 32°and 24° F respectively. So if you've got a 70°incoming water temperature and are using about 1 gallon per minute you have a shower temperature of 118° which for me is plenty hot for me.
More space for storage now.
Now the other thing to consider is the electric that you have going to the wall. I had an electric water heater with a circuit at the rated at 40 amps and this unit requires 30 amps and is recommending a 10 gauge wire size. If you have less than the required wiring you'll could probably still run this but at the half power setting and that would only get you about half the heat so unless you are in a very warm climate I wouldn't recommend it.
Special Connector Removal Tool
The Pros: It starts up when you turn your water on and you're not wasting energy and it doesn't take up near the space of the old tank water heaters and it installs in small spaces. You'll also never run out of hot water you could take as long of a shower as you want and there will always be a hot shower for the next person.
The Cons: If you live in a house with more people than yourself this might not be a good thing for you. However, there are other sizes to accommodate any size of house. Also, if you live in an area of that still has cheap natural gas it may be more cost effective to still use gas. The cost of the unit and installation can also be a factor. My whole setup cost less that $250.00 for everything, but it can be significantly more for a much larger unit installed by a professional.
I hope you find this review useful and if you have any additional questions or insights into things that I did not include in this review please feel free to send me an e-mail or post a comment. That's my 2¢.


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  8. Hi Delbert, I'm in a similar situation in Hawaii. Replacing an under the counter water heater and am trying to figure out if I can replace it with a tankless. I live alone and take short showers. Currently have 30 amp with 120 line & 10awg wire. I would have to change my circuit breaker to 240v. What kind of flow rate are you getting? Are you mixing cold with hot water or just using the hot water? I would appreciate any comments on your experience. thank you.

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