My First Fort Lauderdale Strikers Soccer Match

Last night I saw my first Fort Lauderdale Strikers soccer match, or as my friend calls it "Real Football".  We had tried two weeks ago but it was a complete washout.  Last time we got to the game early and the clouds were threatening then it rained and the lightning and thunder started and after about 2 1/2 hours of sitting  underneath  insufficient cover were we finally gave up and went home.  However last night was much different with beautiful skies, nice breezes coming in, and the soccer match was on.

Some general observations this being the first time actually going to a professional soccer game in well over a decade.  The Fort Lauderdale strikers play their home games at Lockhart Stadium which for me is really easy to get to.  Parking is free and we had no problems getting a parking spot within a short walk of the entry gate.  When you first enter the gate you see the vending area and I found the prices to be typical sporting event prices expensive food, drinks and if you want beer that's even more expensive $8. I paid $3 for a soda and $3 for a terrible hot-dog.  There are other vendors there that I didn't try, while their food was more expensive it did look more appetizing and perhaps I'll try them next time. The seating is aluminum benches with a  backrest I can't say it's completely comfortable but it was tolerable for the 90 minute game.  The only time that I had trouble at the concessions was at halftime when for 15 minutes everybody runs to grab food and drinks and you're stuck with long lines. I was wandering around looking for a tee shirt and I got stuck on the other side of the gated walkway that the players use to go to and from the stadium to the locker room so by the time I get back to my seat the game had already started. Lesson learned stay on the one side of the fence to get my food and drinks or leave early to get what I need so I don't get trapped on the other side.

Now as far as the actual game I have to say that this is coming from a non soccer fan, it's not like I  don't like the game it's that I have never followed  any professional soccer in the past. I've seen some games on television recently having watched some of  the World Cup last year.  However it was obvious from watching this that both these teams were not of World Cup quality but it was entertaining nonetheless even though the game wound up to being a 0-0 tie with no overtime or shoot outs.  The majority of the action was in the remaining 10 or 15 minutes of the game. The rest of the game before that was as if they were playing a game of kick around, and it looked like neither team was playing offense. Instead of driving forward with the ball they kept playing back and kicking the ball around. When there were shots on goal  or corner kick opportunities they were wildly off target and I seem to remember only one solid shot at the Strikers goal  that the goalie actually had to dive for. Now maybe that's a strategy that I'm not aware of because like I said I'm not a soccer fan. Perhaps I'll figure that out at the next game.

I have to say generally experience was a very good.  If asked, I would definitely go again " thank you Mike " as it's something fun to do and is really close by the house.   That's my 2¢ what do you think?  

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  1. My beer was only $7 and that was Heineken.
    I don't mind supporting the vendors and the free parking helps a bit.

    Are those girls cheerleaders or greeters? They should be on the field or in the stands during the game.