Court Battle Over Sunken Treasure

I was reading an article earlier today that was talking about treasure hunters that had gone over to international waters off the coast of Spain and Portugal and they had come across about $500,000,000 of silver, copper ingots, and gold from a sunken supposed Spanish galleon.  It's interesting because the 11th circuit court of appeals had gone ahead and ruled for Spain basically saying that the treasure hunters had to give up the rights to this fortune and any other artifact that they had found on the ship.

While the funny thing of the whole story is that this treasure sat under the ocean and Spain couldn't be bothered to even go look for it, and as soon as it's found they go ahead and make a claim on it

Moreover I really like the comments on the article. One of the posters made a tremendous amount of valid arguments that the treasure was found in international waters for one.  There is to this point no ability to confirm the identity of the ship that Spain claims this treasure had come from. You really have no way of knowing if this was in fact a Spanish ship in the first place, and the treasure was located in an area that was typical for shipwrecks from the that time frame  and before. Spain wasn't even trying to recover anything and it basically given up on this wreck if it was even was their ship in the first place. Then there is the company that actually went ahead and recovered all of this treasure, Odyssey Marine, they went ahead and spent their own money, time, and probably other investors' money as well.

Even if Spain is entitled too some of the treasure this company should be entitled to the vast majority of it based on the work that they did and previous rulings such as the case of the Atocha  from a number of years back which was a vessel sunken here off Florida that the US goverment tried to claim for thier own.

The other thing too it you have to consider is that most likely the vast majority of treasure that was in the possession of the Spaniards probably came from South America and was stolen anyway. Most likely plundered from the citizens at gunpoint and sword. If Spain wins this battle perhaps it should be contingeant on all of it going back to the natives whom it was probably stolen from in the first place. Anyway that's my 2¢ what's your opinion.

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