Video: Stopping Crime With Gun Free Zones

Medical marijuana WORKS 92% of the time!

 If you want to know the truth about medical marijuana, ignore the clueless grandstanding politicians and TV talking heads and ask the people who really matter.

 Ask the patients who use it.

 No, I don't mean the potheads with the vague and phony disease concocted to get them medical marijuana cards from shady fly-by-night clinics. I mean REAL patients suffering from eye diseases, cancer, migraines, arthritis and more.

 Ask them how it works for them, and you'll get the truth -- because a new survey of these folks finds that 92 percent say medical marijuana helps.

 Yes, 92 percent.

 There's not a drug on the planet for anything that has a 92 percent success rate -- and that's way above and beyond any possible placebo effect. And if you don't want to take patients at their word, then listen to doctors: 8 in 10 now support therapeutic use of marijuana.

 So the people who prescribe are for it. The people who need it say it WORKS. It's proven to be safe, effective and non-addictive. The only mark against it is that it's a threat to the trillion-dollar painkiller industry.

 And that, more than anything else, is the REAL reason for objections to legal medical marijuana.

 You can look it up. Just about any and every politician standing in the way of this has been bought and paid for by Big Pharma.

 Personally, I'm fine with putting both drug-industry fatcats and their political stooges out of work. And if we legalize this, we can put someone else out of work, too: drug cartels.

 Safer treatments, and safer streets -- what could be better than that?

 Not blowing smoke,

 William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

Protect Yourself from RFID: Frightening Tracking Tech

A creepy new spying technology called Radio Frequency Identification – known by its abbreviation RFID — is starting to show up on products you buy at stores like Walmart, and it could be used to track your every move.

What is RFID?

RFID is a tracking technology. It uses tiny microchips hooked up to miniature antennas to track items from a distance. This chip and antenna combination is called an RFID tag. You can see a typical RFID tag here on the right. Each tag contains an ID number that uniquely identifies the item to which it is attached. It’s like a Social Security number for things.

RFID tags are tracked by RFID reading devices. These RFID readers gather information from the RFID tags via radio waves, similar to the radio waves that allow you to listen to your favorite FM radio station. RFID radio waves, like FM radio waves, travel invisibly through solid objects like purses, backpacks, wallets and shopping bags.

How do RFID systems keep track of items?

RFID readers collect and process information from matching RFID tags whenever they’re in reading range. Since each RFID tag contains a unique ID number and is associated with a specific item, it’s possible to link items to specific customers at checkout. This makes it possible to track them going forward. There are some preliminary plans to watch the tags all the time, long after purchase, anywhere in the world, through a coming infrastructure known as the “Internet of Things.”

RFID tags are easy to hide. They can be sandwiched in price labels, hidden within the soles of shoes, printed on boxes, and even woven right into fabric and clothing labels. Right now you might have an RFID tag in a store loyalty card or in a credit card and not know it!
Most RFID tags get their power from the reader device, so they don’t need batteries. With no parts to wear out, they can beam tracking information to RFID readers indefinitely. And RFID readers themselves can be hidden. We’ve seen plans to embed them in floors, doorways, ceiling tiles and store shelves. Retail logistics departments justify investing in RFID because it lets them locate store inventory at all times and ensure the shelves stay stocked. Marketing departments, on the other hand, love the thought of using RFID to gather intimate data on customers by tracking their movements and secretly scanning the contents of their pockets, purses or backpacks.  Continue reading

Video: Drugs and Prostitutes Pull Italy Out of Recession

Italy is no longer in a recession, according to new statistics generated after adding illegal revenue from prostitutes, drugs, black market cigarettes and alcohol into their GDP calculations. Europe's third-largest economy has been struggling having gone through two recessions since 2008. We look at the technicalities of Italy's relative progress, in this Lip News clip with Elliot Hill and Mark Sovel.

5 Ebola LIES our government is telling you

5 Ebola LIES our government is telling you

 The biggest threat to American health isn't Ebola -- it's the people who are supposed to keep you safe from Ebola.

 Because Ebola is oozing, bleeding proof that Uncle Sam's incompetence is putting folks like you at risk. And while our politicians scramble to cover their backsides (and keep you in line) they are spreading five dangerous lies about this disease.

 Today I'm pulling back the curtain -- and showing you how to stay safe.

Lie #1: A travel ban won't work. A Liberian man practically hand delivered Ebola to America on a commercial airline -- and Obama STILL insists a travel ban won't keep you safe.

 Well, Obama is a politician, not a mathematician. Because a new statistical model from a Northeastern University physicist has PROVEN that a travel ban would slash America's Ebola risk by 66% -- nearly overnight!

Lie #2: Our hospitals are ready for Ebola. Remember that "preparedness" song and dance the CDC was selling weeks ago? In a recent survey, four out of five American nurses say they've received NO EBOLA TRAINING WHATSOEVER!

 Now two nurses who treated an Ebola patient in Dallas have contracted the disease. That's a giant, Vegas-style marquee that an effective treatment protocol does not exist. That's criminal, because Heaven knows where the next Ebola patient will turn up.

Lie #3: The Ebola virus is being contained. If you watch the news, you know this is a load of bull. One of the Dallas Ebola nurses actually boarded a packed airplane -- with a fever!

 Uncle Sam says the airplane passengers aren't at risk -- so why is he burning up phone lines trying to track down every last one of them?

Lie #4: You won't catch Ebola because it's difficult to transmit. Well, thousands of dying Africans would disagree. In fact, according to a report just published by the University of Minnesota's Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, Ebola can become airborne!

 That's because when your body expels fluids, it creates aerosols that can stay breathable for hours. In one study, one group of monkeys passed Ebola to another even though their cages were feet away!

Lie #5: We're working on a cure for Ebola. The fact is the U.S. government, Big Pharma and mainstream medicine have spent DECADES suppressing safe, natural cures that have the potential to destroy nearly all viruses -- including Ebola!

 Just look at intravenous vitamin C (IVC), which has been used to kill viruses remarkably similar to Ebola, like Dengue hemorrhagic fever and Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever.

 Why isn't our government testing these proven treatments, instead of bankrolling billion-dollar drugs that may NEVER work?

 Find out where you can get IVC where you live, because we haven't seen the last case of Ebola in the United States. Prepare to protect yourself, until our politicians deliver a REAL plan to keep Ebola out of America.

 Or at least until they start telling the truth.