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Infowars reporter Joe Biggs discusses his experience in the Middle East in light of Sesame Street’s new feminist Muslim character.

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Alex Jones analyzes video of a crazed communist attack on the first meeting of Portland State University's "Students for Trump".

9 Ways Successful People Think Differently

Rich people think one way, and middle-class and poor people think another way. This difference helps account for why the rich are rich, and the middle class and the poor are the middle class and the poor. That’s pretty blunt, I know.
But that’s the non-p.c. conclusion of multimillionaire entrepreneur T. Harv Eker, whom I managed to snag for this Thursday’s episode of the Tom Woods Show.
In preparation for that episode I’ve been reading Eker’s #1 New York Times bestseller Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. I’m also reading Eker’s new eBook, which he’s giving away free, called SpeedWealth: How to Stop Earning a Living and Start Creating Wealth.
Naturally what follows are generalizations, and Eker realizes that not every single person in each category thinks a particular way. (Reread that sentence before posting your blistering denunciation.) His point is that there is a mindset that is more likely to make you rich, and a mindset that is more likely to keep you poor.
A lot (though not all) of what it boils down to is this: rich people don’t hold leftist views about wealth. Some rich people may utter them, sure, but actions speak louder than words.
(1) Rich people admire and seek to learn from other rich and successful people. Poor people resent rich and successful people.
(2) Rich people believe, “I create my life.” Poor people believe, “Life happens to me.”
Or, as I prefer to put it, rich people make things happen. Poor people wait for things to happen to them.
I personally know someone of limited means whose plan for financial success consists of trying to win the lottery.
(3) Rich people don’t adopt a victim mentality. Victimhood is a poor man’s game.   Continue reading

Bernie Sanders is The Pied Piper

People are waking up to the criminal banking system, but they are falling victim to socialism, which only leads down a road to serfdom.

Long term vegetarian diet changes human DNA raising risk of cancer and heart disease

Traditional vegetarian populations can develop genetic mutations which raise their risk of heart disease and cancer 
Populations who have had a primarily vegetarian diet for generations carried a genetic mutation which raised risk of cancer and heart disease Credit: Cultura
Long term vegetarianism can lead to genetic mutations which raise the risk of heart disease and cancer, scientists have found.
Populations who have had a primarily vegetarian diet for generations were found to be far more likely to carry DNA which makes them susceptible to inflammation.
Scientists in the US believe that the mutation occured to make it easier for vegetarians to absorb essential fatty acids from plants.
But it has the knock-on effect of boosting the production of arachidonic acid, which is known to increase inflammatory disease and cancer. When coupled with a diet high in vegetable oils - such as sunflower oil - the mutated gene quickly turns fatty acids into dangerous arachidonic acid.
The finding may help explain previous research which found vegetarian populations are nearly 40 per cent more likely to suffer colorectal cancer than meat eaters, a finding that has puzzled doctors because eating red meat is known to raise the risk.
Researchers from Cornell University in the US compared hundreds of genomes from a primarily vegetarian population in Pune, India to traditional meat-eating people in Kansas and found there was a significant genetic difference.
“Those whose ancestry derives from vegetarians are more likely to carry genetics that more rapidly metabolise plant fatty acids,” said Tom Brenna, Professor of Human Nutrition at Cornell.
“In such individuals, vegetable oils will be converted to the more pro-inflammatory arachidonic acid, increasing the risk for chronic inflammation that is implicated in the development of heart disease, and exacerbates cancer.
“The mutation appeared in the human genome long ago, and has been passed down through the human family.”  Continue reading