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Just ONE night of bad sleep can alter your genes

You might think losing the odd night's sleep is harmless. Most of us simply up our caffeine intake and power through the next day.

But a new study has found that pulling an all-nighter may have more serious implications for our bodies that previously thought.

Researchers in Sweden have discovered that missing a single night of sleep can alter the genes that control our body's cellular biological clocks.

Researchers in Sweden have discovered that missing a single night of sleep can alter the genes that control our body's cellular biological clocks.  Disrupted biological clocks can affect everything from changes in our body temperature, appetite and even brain activity

Disrupted biological clocks can affect everything from changes in our body temperature, appetite and even brain activity.

'Previous research has shown that our metabolism is negatively affected by sleep loss,' said Jonathan Cedernaes, lead author and a researcher at Uppsala University.

Sleep loss has also been linked to an increased risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

'Since ablation of clock genes in animals can cause these disease states, our current results indicate that changes of our clock genes may be linked to such negative effects caused by sleep loss,' he said.

For the study the researchers studied 15 healthy normal-weight men who on two separate occasions came to the lab for almost 2-night long stays.

A close study of the collected tissue samples showed that the regulation and activity of clock genes was altered after one night of sleep loss

During the second night the participants slept as usual over eight hours in one of the two sessions, while they were kept awake in the other of these sessions, but in random order.

Light conditions, food intake and activity levels in the lab were strictly controlled and the participants were bed-restricted when they were kept awake.

Following the second night on both occasions that the men were studied, small tissue samples were taken from the superficial fat on the stomach, and from the muscle on the thigh.

These are two kinds of tissues that are important for regulating metabolism and controlling blood sugar levels. Continue reading

Family Threatened With Government Fine For Parking Cars in Their Own Driveway

The Oviedo family were hit with the violation notice after local bureaucrats acted on an anonymous complaint that there were four cars parked on the property. Local ordinance rules which were recently changed mandate that a maximum of two cars be parked at any one time. The family has relatives visiting and their two kids are home from college, but this explanation wasn’t enough to prevent them getting a visit from code enforcement officials last week. “I am angry. I am beyond angry. I don’t see how the government can tell me whose cars I can park in my own driveway,” Kim Oviedo told WSB-TV 2. After the story was covered by local news media, county officials decided to allow the infraction to slide for now, but they have warned the family that fines will be imposed next summer unless the family obtains an expensive permit to park four cars on the driveway. “The fact that my kid’s home from college and now I’m a law breaker I guess,” said neighbor Mark Talley, who also has three cars parked on his driveway.

Video: 5 Most Corrupt Bills Passed by Congress

Jennifer Briney, host of the “Congressional Dish” podcast, goes Off the Grid with Jesse Ventura. Jennifer has read over 245 U.S. Congressional bills in the past two years alone and you won’t believe the things she says Congress is trying to hide.

Government Climate Data Found Unreliable

Effective immediately, the Space and Science Research Corporation (SSRC), a leader in climate prediction, has dropped the US government’s ground based global temperature data from its list of reliable sources.

This significant step has been made by the SSRC after extensive review of the US government’s ground temperature data and its wide divergence from more reliable sources of climate data, namely satellite systems.

The SSRC has found multiple flaws that it says render the US government’s climate data virtually unusable. The SSRC has further observed that the US government and specifically, President Barack Obama, have routinely deceived the people regarding the true status of the Earth’s climate, its causes, and where the global climate is heading.

In the past, the SSRC has used five global temperature data sets, three ground based (NOAA, NASA and HADCRUT) and two satellite data sets (RSS, UAH). These data sets are analyzed and an integrated picture of all five allows the SSRC to produce its semi-annual Global Climate Status Report (GCSR). HADCRUT is a combined set from two UK science groups.

As of today, the SSRC will no longer use the ground based data sets of NASA and NOAA because of serious questions about their credibility and allegations of data manipulation to support President Obama’s climate change policies. Use of HADCRUT will also be suspended on similar grounds.

According to SSRC President, Mr. John L. Casey, “It is clear that during the administration of President Barack Obama, there has developed a culture of scientific corruption permitting the alteration or modification of global temperature data in a way that supports the myth of manmade global warming.

This situation has come about because of Presidential Executive Orders, science agencies producing unreliable and inaccurate climate reports, and also with statements by the President about the climate that are patently false. For example, the President has said that global warming is not only a global threat but that it is “accelerating” (Georgetown Univ. June 2015). Further, he has said that “2014 was the planet’s warmest year on record” (State of the Union Address, January 2015).

Both these statements are simply not true. He has also publicly ridiculed those who have correctly stated that there has been no global warming for eighteen years therefore nullifying any need for US government actions to control greenhouse gas emissions for any reason.  Continue reading