Video: Low Solar Activity And The Possible Consequences For Humanity

This low in solar activity comes after what was likely the highest solar activity in the last 3,000 years.

Video: How the sun sees you

Looking at faces of people under regular light and UV before and after applying sunscreen. However they don't explain the risks associated with using sunscreens that is loaded with chemicals that are also potentially harmful to the user.

Video: Humans, No Jobs For You! Most Jobs Will Be Done By Robots

This is a thought-provoking video that touches on something that's been predicted for years: we will soon run out of work for people. What will we do then? As the video points out, we are not prepared for this.

McDonald's Testing Replacement of Cashiers with Robots

Sure. You can make $15 an hour at McDonald's, at least in Seattle. You just have to perform better than this machine.

 But if you are not more cost effective that that machine, then not only do you not make $15, you do not have a job at all.

 That machine is the not so distant replacement for cashiers demanding more and more pay.

 A Reddit comment says the cashiers at this McDonald's were replaced by machines.

 Comments indicate the store is the company owned McDonald's Innovation Center  in Illinois.

Math, Not Counting Benefits

For a location open 24 hours: The cost of human cashiers is  Continue reading

Video: How Dirty Laws Trash The Environment

Dirty Laws? That’s the confusing part of EPA regulations. While intended to do good, they end up doing quite the opposite. When a corporation dumps its toxic waste a few miles upstream from your tomato farm - sure, you can go to the EPA, but odds are the offending party has filed all the right permits that allow them to do their dirtiest and you’re screwed. Join Law and Economics Prof. Roger Meiners in this Learn Liberty video as he shows how an age-old, British, free-market concept called “Common Law” may be the best remedy – without bureaucratic trash to stink things up.